Best Spider Solitaire Game Online

You are probably familiar with the solitaire game, but have you tried Spider Solitaire? It is just one of the many editions of the famous single-player card games. The name Solitaire can favor to any of these types of games, but is most generally used in reference to the most famous standard version, also known as Klondike. Unlike the traditional solitaire game, Spider solitaire is played with 2 decks of cards.

With Klondike or traditional solitaire, players use a one deck of cards and attempt to line up stacks of cards organized by suit, from King to Ace. This is accomplished by building 7 rows of cards arranged from King to Ace in changing colors of red and black. In Spider Solitaire, anyway, the players begins with 10 piles of cards totaling fifty-four, and then deals out the remaining fifty cards as the game proceeds.

Spider solitaire grew in status with its start shipping with recent versions of Windows, in additional to the old Solitaire game that had long been a part of the OS. Today, PC game versions exist for almost every imaginable solitaire variations, and followers continue to make their own new variants.

Due to the random nature of the famous game, sometimes you will deal yourself a hard hand. There is nothing you can do about that,  but keep playing and try to enjoy yourself while improving your expertise. Even a hard game can be lots of fun. It takes effort and time to build up your technique. Once you get a feel for the game, making the best moves will become more and more intuitive. Until then, it may feel like error and trail, but with patience, your game will just better.

If you are playing on a personal computer or other electronic gadget, you may have the choice to set a difficulty level. This is truly the top way to begin learning the game.  Start off on the simplest level and keep playing until you begin to feel a real mastery of the game play. If your game contains a score counter, you might do best to reject it. Keeping track of your score will not just frustrate you as you are learning the game. Do not hesitate racking up the points until you are a more accomplished player.

In addition to the edition of the game that ships with many Windows PCs, you can find tons of online Solitaire games online. Now, no issue what kind of PC you are using, or even mobile devices like smartphone and tables, you can enjoy a fun and free game of Spider solitaire.

Generally speaking, if there is an simple game or app that you need, there is an open source substitute to what was offered on your Windows machine. This is because people who make open source program like making apps and programs that people enjoy using. So download and install now and enjoy the Spider solitaire. if You Want to Play More Solitaire Game Go to

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The Classic Game of PacMan

Who would not recognize this yellow character that has been well-loved for over two decades? The classic arcade PacMan game has created a following from a number of fans all over the world- both young and old. Even if you are a modern day gamer of flash PacMan games or an old school gamer of the original PacMan, there is no denying that Pac Man has ruled over the games of arcade at one point.

Quick History on PacMan

PacMan game was developed by Namco and was first launched in the country of Japan way back in 1980. The game was designed by Toru Iwatani and programmed by Hideyuki Mokajima San. Since its release, it then become an instant hit and even tagged as a popular icon of pop culture in the 80’s. It was sold in every game shop and a number of merchandise comes along with the popularity of the PacMan character. An animated TV series was even created with the inspiration of the game.

During the time that pacman game was popular in the market, some of its competitors are a handful of popular arcade games like Defender, Space Invaders and Asteroids. There were also a number of sport games like Pong. PacMan made a big hit and rise over these arcade games because of its appeal to both boys and girls. The simplicity of the game made gamers of all genres loves this classic arcade game. Because of the growing popularity of PacMan, 30 more game variations were added to the original game.

Understanding the PacMan Game play

In the classic PacMan game play, a player would go through a maze full of pac-dots. The aim of the game is to have all the dots eaten. After Pac Man eats all the dots, player can then enter the next stage. To add challenge to the game, there are four ghosts that a player would encounter in the maze of pac-dots. The ghosts would try and catch PacMan and when they do, one Pac Man life would be lost. The four ghosts are named Blinky, Inky, Clyde and Pinky.

Pac Man players can also find four blinking dots strategically positioned inside the maze. The dots are also referred to as power pellets. When eaten, they give PacMan the chance to eat up all ghosts without losing his life. As a signal, the ghosts would turn in to a deep blue color and would reverse their direction. When the power pellet loses its power, the ghosts would turn back to its normal color.

Players are also tasked to get the bonus items scattered all over the maze that mostly comes as fruit icons. They are often found in the center of the maze and would earn a player bonus points. Points are increased as the game progresses.

A perfect game of PacMan can be achieved by getting the highest possible score on all 255 levels of the game. You can get the maximum score by eating all ghosts, dots, fruits and get all bonus points of the game. To date, Billy Mitchell of Florida was the first person to achieve the perfect play of PacMan while enjoying the game for only 6 hours.

PacMan Ports

With the worldwide popularity of PacMan, there are a number of ports and game consoles that incorporate this all time favorite classic game. It was re-released a couple of times in the span of twenty years. In the 1980’s it was designed for Apple II Series and other consoles including Atari 2600 and Atari 5200. Players can also play them on an IBM PC, Commodore 64 and Intellivision. By the year 1987 and 1990, versions of PacMan were also released for Nintendo Entertainment System.

Handheld game developers also find PacMan to be a great game. By 1991, Game Boy offered PacMan in their consoles followed by Sega Game Gear in 1991 and Neo-Geo Pocket Color in 1999. With the rise of colored screen game consoles, Game Boy Color launched PacMan in 1999 and by the year 2001, the PacMan Collection can be played on Game Boy Advance.

In all of the game consoles, the most widely distributed port with the PacMan game is the Namco Museum. It was also released by Playstation in the year 1996. Other consoles that integrated the game of PacMan include PSP, Nintendo DS and Xbox 360.

PacMan versions

Because of the phenomenal popularity of PacMan, there are a number of spin-offs and sequels that were launched and were inspired by the original game. One of the more popular versions is Ms. PacMan where the game play is pretty much the same with the addition of more bonuses, mazes and brand new intermissions. Ms. PacMan eventually got a license with Namco making it an official sequel of the well-loved arcade game. Other spin-offs of the game by Bally Midway include Baby PacMan, PacMan Plus and Professor PacMan.

For big fans of PacMan Game, you can also get your hands on the PacMan Championship Edition released in 2007. The launch of the special edition game was a milestone in the arcade game of Pac Man after 26 years of its first release. Microsoft, together with Toru Iwatani and Namco Bandai, bring back the classic game of PacMan to a more modern audience. The same game was also released in June 2007 for Xbox Live Arcade.

PacMan today

Other modern faces of the PacMan Game emerged with the rise of online games. Today, you can see a number of flash games that offers this famous classic arcade game for free. The interface may be a little different given the modernity of design and graphics but nevertheless, the original game play and the excitement of such an entertainment is still ever present.

A lot of gamers- from young and the old- love this popular game. Not only is the game play easy and enjoyable, PacMan characters are also as delightful as the game itself.

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